On choosing paths

A tear etched its way down my cheek

for the veil is lifted and now I can peak.

I can glimpse the cross roads now

I could have gotten lost swimming upstream

I may have not seen

that I can do it but I can’t do it all

Now I’m afraid to let go

My hands can only hold so much

So I have to let something go

Will this be enough for me or will I desire more?

Maybe it’s not about me and there is a way

but I’ve seen what it takes to get there

and I wish to.. I need to explore and play

Another tear rolled down, I can see

It’s liberating and devastating

But at least now I can see

Thank you for showing me.

This was written after some reflection on future paths that culminated in watching La La Land. 

Disclaimer: Always learning.. Always evolving.. for life. x 

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