On gentle productivity

On gentle productivity

This week was really interesting and abundant with some important lessons.

I had  to manage varying types of tasks and emotions; that’s just real life, I guess. The week started with a good active day. The next day I woke up feeling exhausted and grumpy with a tightness in my throat and chest from unidentifiable emotion. I managed to not rule off the day as a bad day and instead had some coffee and got myself a good laugh by watching some funny compilations of people I love then I journaled and allowed the space for some creative ideas. That got me feeling a bit energized, but still unable to really focus on an analytical task so I switched up schedule and did all the physical tasks first like meal prepping, working out and some cleaning, then I sat down and got really productive. I was so proud of how I turned the day around and found time to do everything I had set for a busy day and more!

The next day went in the opposite direction, with me feeling hyper energetic and instead of allowing myself to switch tasks to suit that and believe in the abundance of time and my ability to do it all, I ended up forcing myself to do a task requiring a lot of focus and doing it really slowly, with distractions and negative self-talk because of the slow performance. I ended up wasting more time that could have been saved if I had allowed myself to do a more creative task that would channel that energy then be able to switch to a focused task and accomplish it quickly and efficiently.

Our mind is really wondrous, we can consciously learn something transformative one day but then revert to old thought processes the next. I will practice the following lessons everyday until it moves from conscious thought to automatic thought.

  • Time is abundant if used efficiently.
  • Efficiency requires tuning inwards and adapting tasks to flow with that.
  • It’s a lot more fun to surf the wave than to struggle against it.
  • I am worth the time.

Recognizing these lessons makes my heart swell with joy because it shows me that I am growing and evolving. *flailing moon dance*

I wanted to record this here as a reminder to myself of an important lesson. 

Disclaimer: Always learning… Always evolving.. for life. x 

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