June 9, 2017

On finding my thing

Part of the Ramadan challenge that I previously mentioned of removing distraction and focusing on understanding myself is figuring out what my thing is. Thing (noun) 1. The focus of professional
June 2, 2017

On Distraction

Before Ramadan began, I sat down and drafted a singular goal focused on self-exploration and understanding and decided to remove distractions in order to accomplish it. I'm only a week in and I had no
May 26, 2017

On feeling lost

I used to be so afraid of this, of feeling lost, of needing to explore. When I was younger, I used to hear often (and disparagingly) of teenagers and young 20 years olds who don't have their life figured
May 18, 2017

On Not Knowing

Just the idea of not knowing and that state of confusion makes my heart clench and my stomach do a back flip and wiggle. The funny thing is that not knowing is an escapable state because the moment I figure
May 12, 2017

On Shame

I had a very interesting discussion that led to a reflection and exploration of guilt versus shame. I'm learning more about shame because of it's apparent toxicity and affect on the individual that stays
May 5, 2017

On gentle productivity

This week was really interesting and abundant with some important lessons. I had  to manage varying types of tasks and emotions; that's just real life, I guess. The week started with a good active
April 28, 2017

On choosing paths

A tear etched its way down my cheek for the veil is lifted and now I can peak. I can glimpse the cross roads now I could have gotten lost swimming upstream I may have not seen that I can
April 21, 2017

On duality of Self

There are days when I wish I could spend all my time devoted to photography, writing, baking and art. I feel the pull to live simply, making a living off of a combination of these creative pursuits and
April 14, 2017

On this Journal

Since this is the first post, I thought it would only be logical to explain the idea behind this online journal, why I am doing it and who I am. The who I am bit is a little daunting to explain in a nutshell