Revolutionizing the quality of Girls' Education one club at a time. 


Peer-to-peer, activity based learning.

Custom designed workbooks and resources.

Research-based and cross disciplinary.

Holistic approach.

A comprehensive program that builds the social and emotional intelligence of young girls to : 

Increase Academic Performance.

Decrease Problematic 


Reduce Emotional Distress.

Improve Life Outcomes


- Soumia -

Every single time I attend these events, I get to meet new people, hear more stories, learn from random experiences... and oh boy it never ceases to inspire the living hell out of me! Not to speak of the peaceful, healing and de-stressing vibes this kind of context flows with. Thank you very much.

- Soumia -

The whole experience was so fun and peaceful, I'm so thankful to be part of this.

- Aya E -

The workshop was a success, a bright idea to transmit messages in a fun and original way. I would recommend attendants to bring their close friends instead of going alone.

 - Aya S -

I am really happy because I had the opportunity to attend this workshop. I learnt a lot and I hope we can do it again, so that it will help us improve ourselves and our community.

- Douae E -

I really liked this workshop because it taught me a lot, like how to communicate with myself and how to be confident. I wish we will do it once more, so that we can learn new things about life. And thanks!

- Hala -

This was an amazing experience! It was fun but also relaxing and I really enjoyed hearing about other girls' experiences with Anxiety and Fear. It was a beautiful and honest conversation over really good tea and mandalas. Thank you!